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At Empire Equestrian, we strive to provide the best riding experience to our equestrian family. Meet our Owner and Founder of Empire Equestrian, Kaitlyn Harbour and her Coaches.

To join our family at Empire Equestrian, please send an inquiry within through our Contact Us page. For any questions or service inquiries, please inquire directly.


An equestrian for nearly two decades, Kaitlyn brings a lot of
experience to the riding school at Empire Equestrian. She took lessons
and clinics with multiple well respected coaches in the Lower Mainland
growing up, taking pieces from each of her mentors.
Although she showed in both the Hunter and Jumper rings, her true
passion was for the jumper ring where she found success for many
years aboard several different horses. She has had numerous
championships all over BC and Alberta at venues such as Thunderbird
Showpark, Southlands, Milner Downs, MREC and Rocky Mountain Showjumping.


Kaitlyn has collected many points over the years and earned the title of
“Provincial Champion” in many divisions on several of her horses. She
has competed in and won many Mini Prix’s, derbies, 4 bar competitions
and classics up to the 1.25 level on a range of horses.


Kaitlyn takes pride on running a well kept, safe and friendly small
facility where she shares her passion of horses with some
very special people.


Currently she is focusing on developing two five year olds for the jumper ring

that she bred at home.  She has mares in foal for 2021 and is busy planning 

future breedings too. 

Team Empire has a lot of plans to venture out to MREC, Milner and Tbird

for the 2021 show season, stay tuned for results and photos!  

Some of her other interests include fishing, playing soccer, ball hockey
and spending time with her family at her cabin as well as camping.

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A horse enthusiast from a very early age, Ashley brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to our lesson program at Empire. She has ridden all types of horses from small ponies to large warmbloods and drafts. Her preferred discipline is the Hunter, Jumper circuit, although she also has experience in Western too.


Currently she owns several horses, some that are being leased by riders in our program.  Her current personal mount is a well bred Casini II jumper gelding which she hopes to develop in the jumper ring in 2021.


She is a positive, down to earth young lady that has already created so many younger horsemen for our community. Owning horses, she is well versed in proper horse care, first aid and horsemanship. She offers a lot to each of her students, which goes above and beyond just their time at the barn.

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